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It’s not one-size-fits all: TLI coaching is listening, relationship building and adapting to real needs.

Assistant Principal Staci Brown is a 2020 School Leader Cohort member.

Like good teaching, effective coaching is built on trusting relationships between coach and school leader. 

This concept guides TLI’s work with fellows from the onset. Nina Fitzerman-Blue, Director of Leader Programs, explains “I am here to make sure you are not failing as a leader. My entire job is to make you better.” 

TLI’s School Leader Cohort Fellows feel this deeply. Assistant Principal Staci Brown says that unlike other professional development approaches that offer ready-made programs, TLI coaches listen to your needs and cultivate collaborative relationships. Weekly building visits and in-depth conversations help foster open and honest conversations that lead to real growth and change. 

While at first some find it intimidating to meet with coaches weekly, most fellows report that because TLI’s sole focus is growth and development (not evaluation) they can be uniquely open about their professional needs. Through this relationship-centered approach TLI empowers fellows to interrogate their own practices, so they have the tools for growth beyond the fellowship. 

 Listen to why 2019 School Leader Fellows were ready to be coached.

Do you have questions about TLI’s intensive leader coaching? We’d love to hear from you.

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