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The Teaching and Leading Initiative of Oklahoma is a small organization with a staff of scrappy, independent, and inspiring leaders. Potential candidates must be willing to work in a flexible, high-paced, ever-changing environment that is dependent on the needs of Oklahoma schools.

We are currently not hiring for any position. However, we are always looking for talented connections! Feel free to reach out to Jo to discuss future opportunities.

High quality candidates believe the following:

Teaching is a learnable skill: Like kids, all teachers are capable of learning at the highest level. They must maintain a growth mindset and deeply commit to their personal growth. Although some argue that teaching is an art, we believe that teaching is ALSO a learnable set of skills.

Leadership matters, at every level: Leadership is the foundation of a strong school system and leadership can occur at every level: kids, teachers, teacher leaders, administration, coaches, district staff, etc. Absent leadership and clear direction, classrooms and schools devolve.

Equity is at the core: Educational equity is the social justice issue of this generation. TLI staff works to actively ensure the achievement of all students, especially students in historically marginalized communities.

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