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13Feb 21

Nominations for Oklahoma’s 3rd annual 20 Under 2: Novice Teaching Awards open February 21st

Education scholar Lisa Delpit writes that “Education is not a job for the weak-willed.” Oklahoma teachers have grappled with limited resources, large class sizes, and low pay, and this year teachers faced a global pandemic along with new forms of distance learning. For educators just beginning their profession, these challenges are especially difficult. 

Despite the obstacles, teachers remain committed to their craft and their students. Oklahoma needs talented, experienced teachers now more than ever, and developing expertise requires tremendous skill, hard work, and dedication. 

Our state’s newest teachers deserve to be recognized for their emerging strengths, talents and commitment to Oklahoma students. The 20 Under 2: Novice Teaching Awards celebrates novice teachers who make Oklahoma’s future look bright.

The Teaching & Leading Initiative of Oklahoma is now accepting nominations for public school teachers in their first or second year who demonstrate mindsets and skills integral to high quality teaching and learning: 

  • Believes all students are capable of excellence 
  • Shares responsibility for achieving success with students, parents, and school community   
  • Develops deep learning through thoughtful planning and collaboration with colleagues 
  • Values growth and seeks feedback from students and colleagues 
  • Fosters measurable academic growth   

Nominations are open February 21 – March 7, 2021. All full-time public school teachers in their first or second year of teaching or those who have returned to the classroom after ten or more years, are eligible. See full eligibility requirements here. Nomination details coming soon!

Nominate today! Click here to see last year’s honorees. Please contact us with any questions.

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