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Why nominate a teacher for a 20 Under 2 Novice Teaching Award?

New teachers face tremendous challenges when they step foot into Oklahoma classrooms for the first time. This year, as the pandemic wears on, novice teachers have been forced to wrestle with sickness and uncertainty in ways no teacher ever has.

While we know that an award cannot combat the enormous obstacles that teachers face day in and day out, our experience as coaches have taught us that a little recognition can go a long way.

At TLI, we begin every coaching conversation with praise— telling teachers what they did well over the past week. While we know that praise helps boost self-confidence and self-esteem, we also know that praise is as useful as critical feedback in helping professionals grow. Teachers need to understand what they do well, so they can continue to utilize and grow those skills in the classroom.

This is one of the reasons why we created the 20 Under 2 Novice Teaching Awards. Nominating a teacher in their first or second year in an Oklahoma classroom is one way to give new teachers the recognition and praise they deserve. 

We urge you to take 5 minutes (yes! 5 minutes!) and nominate a new teacher for the 2022 20 Under 2 Awards today! 

Your nomination will brighten a new teacher’s day, and remind them why they should stay in the classroom. We need our great teachers in Oklahoma!

Nominations are open until Sunday, 2/20.  See nomination requirements here and click here to nominate today! 






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