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District Partnerships

TLI engages in multi-year partnerships with Oklahoma school districts to strengthen classroom instruction and develop instructional leadership capacity.

In collaboration with school leaders, TLI assesses district needs and develops a long-term plan for teacher support to improve academic outcomes for students.

TLI’s partnership model facilitates systemic improvement for sustainable change. 

The partnership is a working relationship between our school and TLI. They help us collaborate and make our educational system stronger.

Nancy Dowell, Cushing Public Schools

Often partnerships begin with a two-pronged approach that include both teacher and leader coaching. Year-long teacher coaching kicks off with a summer Teacher Institute for novice teachers and continues with weekly one-on-one teacher coaching.

TLI also builds instructional leadership capacity through one-on-one leader coaching so that leaders can provide sustained teacher coaching at their school. 

Interested in learning more about our partnerships?

Learn more about TLI’s practice-based teacher and leader coaching:

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