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Meet TLI: Nina Fitzerman-Blue

What do you do at TLI? 

Work with school leaders! As the Director of Leadership Programs, I run our School Leader Cohort — a year-long fellowship that includes summer training, weekly one-on-one coaching, and opportunities for school leaders to collaborate, share with, and learn from each other. 

How did your career path lead you to TLI? 

I know from experience that leadership can be lonely. I’ve been a teacher, a teacher coach, a school leader, and a curriculum writer. After this time in schools craving more individual support than I ever actually got, I knew I wanted to provide support to school leaders. TLI allowed me to do exactly what I wanted to do — what I had actually wanted for myself — to give leaders the consistent, individual support they deserve. 

What is your favorite thing about doing this work? 

Getting to spend time with the hardest-working, most kind-hearted, smart, caring, inspiring leaders in Tulsa! 

What do you hope for students in Oklahoma?

For our Oklahoma students, I hope for rigorous content and excellent instruction. I want our students to be challenged, inspired, and met with the high expectations they deserve. 

What else should we know about you?

I am a Tulsa native, and happy to be back after more than a decade in the Northeast. Outside of TLI, I am hanging out with my family — Dan, my husband, and our two kids, Lucy and Nino. 

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