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20 Under 2 Calls For Top Oklahoma Teacher Nominations

Every year, 1 out of every 5 new Oklahoma teachers leave the profession. By year 5, only about half remain in the classroom. While it’s easy to decry the loss of teachers, the persistent classroom vacancies, and the worrisome number of emergency certificates issued this year, there are also plenty of bright spots. We think it’s time to step up and celebrate some of the brightest novice teachers in the state. 

20 Under 2 is a list of new Oklahoma teachers who represent the best our state has to offer. Like Forbes’ 30 under 30 collection of honorees, this list celebrates emerging teacher leaders, high performers, and teachers who make Oklahoma’s future look bright. 

This year, nominations are open from March 1-15, 2020. All full-time public school teachers in their first or second year of teaching are eligible. See eligibility requirements here or start a nomination today.  

As Chief of Staff Marissa King pointed out, “Novice Oklahoma teachers need support and encouragement to learn to teach, an especially hard job in underfunded and overburdened systems. Regardless of certification, whether a new college graduate or mid-life career changer, each new Oklahoma teacher is filling a critical public role.”

Have a question or want to see last year’s honorees? Give us a shout!

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