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The Teaching and Leading Initiative of Oklahoma is a new nonprofit organization with a staff of scrappy, independent, and inspiring leaders. Because TLI is a start-up, potential employees must be willing to work in a flexible, high-paced, ever-changing environment that is dependent on the needs of Oklahoma schools.

While we do not currently have positions open, feel free to send us a note with interest for the future.

High quality candidates believe the following:

  • Teaching is a learnable skill: Like kids, all teachers are capable of learning at the highest level. They must maintain a growth mindset and deeply commit to their personal growth. Although some argue that teaching is an art, we believe that teachers is ALSO a set of learnable skills.
  • Leadership matters, at every level: Leadership is the foundation of a strong school system and leadership can occur at every level: kids, teachers, teacher leaders, administration, coaches, district staff, etc. Absent of leadership and a clear directions, classrooms and schools devolve.
  • Equity is at the core: Educational equity is the social justice issue of this generation. TLI staff works to actively ensure the achievement of all students, especially kids in historically marginalized communities.
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