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TFA/TLI Classroom Fellows

The Teaching and Leading Initiative of Oklahoma (TLI) and Teach For America are excited to offer a year-long fellowship called  the TLI/TFA Classroom Fellows. This year, the TLI team has selected 5 high performing, high potential classroom teachers in Tulsa Public Schools. 

Congratulations to:

  • Adam Johnston: 7th Grade Bi-Lingual Science at Rogers Middle School
  • Monica Musgrave: ESS Self-contained at Monroe Demonstration Academy
  • Christianna Loza: 7th Grade Math at Webster Middle School
  • Emily Daroga: 5th Grade Science and Social Studies at Cooper Elementary
  • Alex Cohen: 4th Grade Self-Contained at Marshall Elementary

If you have more questions about the TFA/TLI Classroom Fellows program, please contact the team here.

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