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Professional Learning

Professional Learning for Schools

TLI offers a suite of professional learning designed to build strong knowledge, mindsets, and skills in teachers and school leaders.

Practice-Based PD

All our professional learning experiences emphasize practice. Research suggests that the best way to learn new skills is to practice them!

Teacher-Facing Programs

In these 5-6 learning sessions (90 minutes each), teachers will practice the foundations of backwards planning while creating strong daily lessons that emphasize the key ideas of their content area and the standards. Sessions Include: Backwards Planning 101, Summative Assessments and Big Goals, Unit-Level Planning, and Daily Lesson Planning (Part 1 and 2). The approach is based on key texts such as Understanding By Design, The Skillful Teacher, and Teach Like a Champion and emphasizes ownership over curricular choices beyond a textbook. These sessions can be divided into two full professional learning days. Includes co-plan coaching and/or observation and feedback cycles.

In these 3-4 learning sessions (90 minutes each), teachers will develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to effectively manage a classroom. Sessions include: Holding a High Bar for Behavior, Routines Management, Addressing Breaches in Behavior, and Refining Your Management Approach. The approach is based upon key management philosophies including No-Nonsense Nurturer, With All Due Respect, and Love and Logic and emphasizes the importance of teacher mindsets in helping to shape student behavior. These sessions are designed to be executed over a series of days because teachers must practice and reflect on what they learned between each session. Includes observation/feedback cycles and/or real-time coaching.

Leader-Facing Programs

In these 2 days of learning experiences, principals and instructional superintendents learn about the 4 main mechanisms to push curriculum and instruction at the school level and develop a strong culture around teacher leadership.  Sessions Include: The Role of the Instructional Leadership Team, Creating a Culture for Teacher Leadership, Observation/Feedback Cycles, Data-Driven Instruction, Professional Learning, and Backwards Planning Teams. Includes two half days of content and in-school coaching times.

In these 2 days of learning experiences, mentor teachers, instructional coaches, principals, and instructional superintendents learn about the basic of instructional coaching, from induction to exit. Sessions Include: Establishing a Coaching Relationship, Classroom Observation, Planning for a Coaching Session, Executing a Coaching Session, Real-Time Coaching, and Differentiated Coaching.  Includes two half days of content and in-school coaching times.

In these 2-3 learning sessions (90 minutes each), mentor teachers and principals will learn some of the key knowledge, skills, and mindsets that they need to successfully mentor novice teachers. Sessions Include: Mentoring 101: Continuum of Support, Novice Teacher Development 101, and The Art of Inquiry. These experiences can be customized to include in-school coaching times.

In this half-day seminar, district and school-based leaders will learn the key elements of a strong novice teacher induction program. Key content includes the research-base for strong novice teacher induction programs, how to effectively identify and support mentors, defining key objectives for novice teachers, and much more.

In these two days of professional learning, district and school-based leaders will learn the key elements of adult learning and practice designing an effective professional development aligned to school needs. Leaders will be asked to design and rehearse professional development as it aligns to the andragogy theory. This can be adapted to a 1 day experience.

In these 2 days of learning experiences, principals and superintendents will engage in school improvement planning processes aligned to a strong vision for effective schools. Leaders will be asked to reflect on sets of data to drive the most meaningful strategies for improving school outcomes.

School-Team Programs

In this one day seminar, school teams (teachers and leaders) will learn about the elements that define college and career readiness. Teams will deep dive into standards, content, and instructional practice.

Custom-Designed Programs

The Teaching and Leading Initiative is designed to support districts in addressing the human capital needs by building capacity. Each school context is unique and requires a unique set of strategies and approaches. Thus, the team is willing and able to customize a program to your specific school needs. Simply set up a consultation and describe what you need. Pricing will vary based upon travel, preparation, and time.

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