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Novice Teachers

Novice Teacher Support for Partner Districts

TLI specializes in instructional leadership, with an emphasis on novice teachers. Through an intensive 2-week professional development institute and ongoing coaching, TLI accelerates teacher growth, regardless of their pathway into the profession.

In the initial years of partnership with TLI, districts will receive novice teacher support provided by experienced TLI coaches. Over the time of the partnership, TLI will train and support existing leaders to onboard any new or beginning teachers into the school.

This model is based upon the theory of change, “systems change starts in the classroom.” To be able to improve outcomes for a school holistically, we must bring new teachers into the profession so that they can execute effective instructional practices.

Novice teachers supports are only available to districts who are partner districts and are also willing to invest heavily in leadership capacity.

Teacher Institute

Given the number of emergency certified teachers in our state, and the upcoming void left as our most experienced teachers retire, TLI provides professional development to novice teachers. Specifically, we will ground our training in best practices to expedite the growth that all new teachers must make in order to be effective leaders in their classrooms. We will ensure that all teachers understand the theory behind and are able to implement strategies that work to drive student achievement in their classrooms.

The two-week intensive teacher institute is centered on:

  • Ambitious content: The ability to plan rigorous and aligned lessons using academic standards.
  • Classroom culture: The ability to create a positive, productive classroom environment.
  • Student engagement: The ability to meaningfully engage students in the content and course outcomes.
  • Demonstration of learning: The ability to elicit student responses and evaluate progress towards academic goals.

TLI staff leverage a Coaching Scope and Sequence to evaluate teacher performance and determine eligibility for ongoing coaching. Those who are selected are known as TLI Fellows and are eligible for a $15,000 scholarship to received a $5,000 Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction through York College (Nebraska).

Practice-Based Coaching

Ongoing coaching is centered on a practice-based approach. The “Competence-Supportive Coaching Model” was developed as part of Dr. Lein’s doctoral research and has been tested and empirically supported to improve teacher competence and performance. This approach has been utilized by Collegiate Hall and is the basis for other coaching resources such as “Get Better Faster” by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo. These “mastery experiences” allow for teachers to experience quick wins in small instructional practices and build confidence before entering the classroom. These methods continue to be utilized throughout each coaching event.

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