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Why TLI?

We believe that Oklahoma’s educational crisis boils down to a single issue: the quality of human capital in our schools.

A statewide teacher shortage: In 2019, the State Board of Education approved nearly 3,000 emergency teaching certificates this year.

Falling numbers: Teacher preparation program enrollment in Oklahoma has dropped 24% since 2003. Experts estimate that 9,000 teachers will be eligible to retire in the next three years. Nearly 11% of Oklahoma teachers are lost to neighboring states every year.

Retention: Data shows the majority of teachers in Oklahoma leave the teaching profession between 2-5 years.

The Teaching & Leading Initiative of Oklahoma partners with school districts to improve the quality of human capital through high-quality professional learning, teacher recruitment, teacher development, and school leader development.

The Teaching & Leading Initiative of Oklahoma provides four critical services to Oklahoma schools: research-based professional learning, teacher development, school leader training, and teacher recruitment.

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