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TLI's Vision

Highly capable educators persist in their careers and produce better outcomes for students and their communities.

TLI's Mission

TLI develops highly capable educators so students have access to an equitable education.

TLI's Core Values

  • Adults can grow: Just like we believe in the potential of all students, we fiercely believe in the potential for growth for the adults who work with kids every day. 
  • Students are at the center: Our work is student-centered. We focus on the impact that our work has on students, their families, and communities.
  • Coaching at the core: We are unapologetically committed to coaching to nimbly respond to the needs of stakeholders and as the mechanism for accelerated improvement.
  • Raise the bar: We commit to high quality work both internally and with our stakeholders.  
  • Sustainability: To make lasting change in schools, educators must thrive. We need the right people to stay. We’re committed to finding realistic solutions to tough problems. 

TLI's Services

The Teaching & Leading Initiative of Oklahoma provides three critical services to Oklahoma schools: research-based professional learning, teacher development, and school leader development.

The Need

We believe that Oklahoma’s educational crisis boils down to a single issue: the quality of human capital in our schools.

A statewide teacher shortage: Each year the State Board of Education approves over 3,000 emergency teaching certificates.

Falling numbers: Teacher preparation program enrollment in Oklahoma has dropped 34% since 2003. Experts estimate that 9,000 teachers will be eligible to retire in the next three years. Nearly 11% of Oklahoma teachers are lost to neighboring states every year.

Retention: Data shows the majority of teachers in Oklahoma leave the teaching profession between 2-5 years.

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