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26May 20

Responding to the Pandemic Blog Series

In March, teachers, administrators, and school support staff rushed to accommodate the new COVID pandemic realities by shifting to distance learning–all while parenting and caring for loved ones at home. The transition was swift, bumpy, and full of ingenuity. At each turn, we saw generosity, kindness, and flexibility take a front seat. 

Now, with the school year over, day-to-day operations seem like all we can do. But we’re also faced with the uncomfortable possibility that schools may not be able to operate fully in-person during the fall. 

Fortunately, the fall planning runway is longer than the emergency planning of Oklahoma’s first dip into distance learning.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring blogs that tackle the planning process for returning to school in the fall. Look for topics ranging from reflecting on what we’ve already learned, to tackling distant learning challenges, and re-evaluating shifting roles. 

For now, check out a few of the insightful planning resources already on the internet.

  1. Bellwether Education’s free COVID toolkit breaks the school planning process into 4 stages with distinct steps, downloadable protocols, and guiding questions. They also include customizable notetaking guides for each stage so you can quickly share the documents during a Zoom meeting.  
  2. In addition to a focus on expanding internet access to Oklahoma students, the Oklahoma State Department of Education offers a trove of grade-level and content-specific guidance including aligned-activities with minimal supplies. 
  3. TNTP offers helpful guides for everything from supporting English language development to recruiting and hiring teachers virtually
  4. For virtual teacher training options, check out Teach For America’s extensive list of ways to build capacity from a distance. 
  5. For Oklahoma district learning plans and parent Covid-19 resources, visit the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration’s (CCOSA) helpful resource round-up.

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